Who We Are

Our slogan, "Entrepreneurs Advising Entrepreneurs" is much more than mere words. It is how our business, a law firm, has developed. Our founding partner, Gerald Cowden has worked in traditional law firms and understands their limitations. His temperament has always been entrepreneurial, and those are the clients he and our firm seeks.

Creative Business Solutions

Our firm is composed of a team of lawyers who embody this ethos. We are a business law firm that helps our clients create solutions for all aspects of their business throughout the full business cycle, from startups through succession planning.

Our attorneys:

Cleveland Business Lawyers

Our lawyers are genuine "business" lawyers. In addition to being skilled with the law, we all have significant business and real-world experience. For business law, a legal foundation is essential, but only the starting point. We have the advantage of decades of experience gained from working with businesses and have seen a great many of permutations of circumstances, decisional behavior and outcomes play out in the real world of business.

This allows us to offer real insight can act as counsel for many business issues. Often there are significant legal requirements to these situations and transactions, but that legal advice needs to be embedded in a larger picture encompassing the overall ramifications to your business. Our attorneys are able to collaborate with you and assist you in articulating the organizational structure and plans that will help you achieve your goals.

Contact Our Firm

To discuss your businesses plans and legal needs with one of our experienced business attorneys, call 216-241-2880. We serve a broad range of Ohio, national and international clients from our Cleveland office.