Strategic Planning

Idea and actions. To be successful in business, you need both. You also have to be willing to accept the proposition that the perfect is the enemy of the good. When you make business decisions, there is no such thing as perfect information. At Cowden & Humphrey Co. LPA, our experience has taught us that you have to be willing to accept uncertainty.

Hope Is Not A Plan

This is a truism. Often businesses struggle to implement a real plan. We have a great deal of experience helping businesses and their management create genuine, viable strategic plans. Because we are grounded in an entrepreneurial mindset and because we have been successful working with many entities and their leaders over the years, we are able to analyze a variety of situations and work with you to create strategic plans that come with practical guidance for use and implementation.

A strategic plan provides a set of concrete guidelines that allow you to make rational decisions that will help your business achieve its goals. Whether a startup or a mature corporate business, strategic planning permits a business to deal with the many uncertainties of the real world by creating a robust structure for coping with challenges that inevitably arise.

From Formation To Succession

The best time to plan is from the beginning. When goals and intentions of all the founders are aligned. Remedying fundamental issues like entity choice or organizational blueprints can be difficult or insurmountable after something has gone wrong. And something always goes wrong. We take a holistic view of your business, imagining it from inception to succession planning.

Divorce and substance abuse likewise appear with disturbing regularity. Your business needs a plan from Day One to deal with these issues. We provide the experienced advice you need to create comprehensive plans that can keep these matters from derailing your business.

Analysis Of The Plan

Your business may employ some analytical methods such as SWOT or SVOR. This may be a good first step, but it is critical to ensure that the method is properly developed and that it is correctly implemented.

Our lawyers can help with ensuring that evaluations of your strategic plan are meaningful, as well as helping to create an iterative mindset that facilitates adjustments and allows fine tuning of the elements of the plan as your business environment and needs change.

Experienced Assistance Throughout The Process

Because we often work with clients as outside general counsel and offer retainer arrangements that promote collaboration and provide a truly consultative model of support, we can help your business at every stage of this process.

Contact Our Firm

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