Outside General Counsel

Legal issues are a given. Whether signing a contract for distribution of a product, patenting a new invention, hiring an employee or acquiring a new manufacturing facility or an entire business, it is down within the guideline of the law. But lawyers are expensive and litigation more so.

Counterintuitive as it may seem, signing an outside general counsel agreement with our firm can save your business expense and time, i.e., more expense. Our attorneys at Cowden & Humphrey Co. LPA are entrepreneurial, and we have worked with enough businesses in a variety of situations that we know the real solution to most business problems are business, not legal, solutions. We work to achieve these solutions based on our decades of legal experience working with business on a broad scale and scope.

True Legal Costs

Mistakes with legal matters can be very expensive. From a deal gone wrong, a poorly drafted member agreement or intellectual property rights compromised due to inadequate confidential agreements, there are thousands of bad scenarios that could be prevented by proper legal counsel. Hiring a full-time general counsel and legal staff can also be very expensive.

Don't Be That Guy

Many businesses want to avoid retaining an attorney because they believe it to be an unnecessary expense. If the transaction completes smoothly, they congratulate themselves on the savings. If some contract issues within a deal blows up, they are forced to hire legal counsel and they have to accept the lost opportunity cost of the transaction and the litigation expense to extract their firm from the legal morass that ensues. Like driving without insurance, it only works until it doesn't.

A Business Solution To Your Legal Needs

Our lawyers can provide services of in-house counsel at a much lower cost. In addition, as lawyers who understand business solutions to business problems, we provide extra value, because we have decades of experience with these issues and we are working for other clients, means the depth and breadth of our experience is likely greater than if you simply had one or two attorneys working for you in-house.

Clear Fee Arrangements

Cost is always a concern when it comes to lawyers. We offer retainer arrangements that ensure you know in advance how much your legal counsel will cost. This has the advantage of allowing a more collaborate working relationship with our lawyer, as you know a phone call is not going to cost you a substantial fee.

Contact Our Firm

For a full range of outside general counsel services, call 216-241-2880. We serve a broad range of Ohio, national and international clients from our Cleveland office.