Business Organizations

Starting a new business is an exciting time. There are more things to do than hours in the day, and it may seem easy and cost-effective to skip some of the tedious legal materials associated with forming a new business. You can create a sole proprietorship on your own, incorporate a business with documents from the internet or copy a reasonable member agreement for your limited liability company (LLC). Why bother with a lawyer?

What Is The Best Organizational Form For Your Business?

The only flaw is whether that 'free' form is right for your business? And when something goes wrong, will the structure it created be capable of holding your business together? Our attorneys at Cowden & Humphrey Co. LPA can work with you to create a business organization that will meet your entity's needs at a reasonable cost, and it will be far less expensive than disputes and litigation that ensue when disagreements or other issues threaten your business.

At The Beginning, Everyone Is In Agreement

Then, real life follows. Asserting legal rights is expensive. It costs time, money and is an enormous distraction when you can least afford it. Our experience is that it is better to avoid the need for asserting those rights by effective advance or strategic planning. The benefit of working with our attorneys is our experience with businesses like yours. And unlike yours.

We bring a depth of perspective you likely cannot obtain inside your business. After helping new businesses form during four decades of law practice, we have a strong understanding of business organization law and how to make it work for your business.

In addition to our decades of experience working businesses, we have worked as mentors for small business through the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. We not only help these entities; we also learn where issues develop and the types of solutions that provide real solutions to real-world business problems.

Secession Planning? Now?

While it seems odd to be planning your exit from a business that has not even begun, it does make long-term sense, because a comprehensive succession plan should handle more than merely you or other founders aging out of the business. Illnesses and accidents can occur to anyone at anytime.

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