Reorganizations And Bankruptcy

When a business encounters difficulties, talk can turn to Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Our attorneys at Cowden & Humphrey Co. LPA are experienced at representing businesses during a Chapter 11 proceeding, but we will strive to avoid that filing. While you may believe you need a business bankruptcy lawyer, we can provide much more value than simply a Chapter 11 filing.

Remain In Control With A Reorganization

One of the primary disadvantages of a formal Chapter 11 is loss of control. You need to reach an agreement with the committee of creditors that virtually adds them into your management structure, provides them with all of the details of your business and your operations.

Our lawyers are skilled at developing business solutions for business problems. We have a high degree of expertise with financial matters, and we are adept at putting together reorganizations and workouts that can provide security to creditors while avoiding the wholesale loss of control of your business that typically results from a formal Chapter 11 filing.

Is A Workout Right For Your Business?

None of this will be easy. An entity must have viable business that is capable of producing sufficient revenue to operate the business. Our lawyers have decades of experience working with all types of businesses, and we provide the careful analysis of your market, value of your capital and property, potential cash flow, and help discern the businesses prospects and the advisability of a workout or a Chapter 11.

Contact Our Firm

Our attorneys provide experienced reorganization assistance and counsel. Call our Cleveland office at 216-241-2880. We have successfully represented many clients with this process.